27 Apr. 22

7 Signs Your House Needs Foundation Repair Fenton, MI

7 Signs Your House Needs Foundation Repair Fenton, MI

Any kind of damage to your foundation can lead to serious structural issues. That’s why you should fix any foundation problem as you notice signs of foundation damage. Here are signs that your house needs foundation repair.

  1. Exterior Walls Cracks

Uneven settling of the foundation can cause different types of cracks on the walls of your home. While small vertical cracks may be nothing much to worry about, you need to seek help from a foundation repair expert if you spot horizontal or vertical cracks that keep on widening.


  1. Warped Foundation Walls

A bowing or warped foundation wall can occur as a result of increased hydrostatic pressure from the soil that surrounds the foundation. When this occurs, horizontal cracks can develop on the foundation and lead to serious structural issues. You urgently need to do foundation repair if you spot warped foundation walls.

  1. Uneven Floors

The floors of your house may slope, move or start to form bumps over time. This problem may be caused by normal wear and tear. However, notable changes in the structure of the floor can also be a result of a problem with the foundation of the house. If this problem is not fixed, it can worsen and lead to more costly repairs.

  1. Sinking Ground around the House

If you notice that the ground around the foundation of your house is sinking, you need to be concerned because this is an indication that the foundation is sinking.

  1. Damp Crawlspace or Basement

A damp crawlspace indicates that water is seeping in through the foundation. The seepage could be due to cracks in the foundation walls. If you don’t fix this problem, the cracks can expand and cause severe foundation problems. The foundation walls can also start bowing and this will damage your house.

Therefore, you should call a foundation repair company if you spot signs of humidity or moisture in your crawlspace or basement.

  1. Cracking Floor Tiles

If your floor tiles are cracking and there is no other explanation for this problem, it is highly likely that the house could be having a foundation problem. You need to call a foundation repair technician to diagnose the problem so that you can know how to fix it.


  1. Sticky Windows and Doors

Sticky doors and windows can occur as a result of the accumulation of dirt and grime, which increase friction in the hinges and other sections of these structures. This problem can easily be fixed through cleaning and the use of lubricants.

Doors and windows can also become sticky due to foundation movement, which alters the position of the walls that hold these structures. So if your doors and windows suddenly become sticky and there is no sign of dirt or rust, you should call a foundation repair company.

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