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4 Tips For Fixing Wet Basements Michigan

4 Tips For Fixing Wet Basements Michigan

Wet basements are not only uninhabitable and smelly; they also pose a health risk and negatively affect the value of your home. Mold, which is associated with damp conditions, causes respiratory illnesses and damages different types of structures and surfaces including floors, ceilings, drywall, and many others.

Additionally, if your basement is constantly wet, you can experience water damage on the basement walls and floor. Seepage of water through the basement’s walls can also cause bowing of the foundation.wet-basements-michigan-basement-cracks&-leaks-1

Getting rid of any moisture or water from your home and finding a solution to the cause of the problem is therefore one of the most important things that you can do to protect the health of your family and safeguard the value of your home.

Working with a professional basement repair contractor is the best way to ensure that any work that you do on the basement is a success. Let’s look at some of the things that a professional contractor will do to fix wet basements in your home.

  1. Fix Gutters and Add Gutter Extensions

You could be experiencing the problem of wet basements because your gutters and downspouts are faulty or positioned incorrectly. Faulty or incorrectly positioned gutters and downspouts will cause rainwater to be dumped too close to the foundation.

When this happens, water may seep into the basement via the basement walls. Over time, increased hydrostatic pressure from the soil that anchors the foundation may also cause the foundation walls to bow.

A competent technician will help you by fixing the gutters and downspouts correctly and adding gutter extensions so that water is dumped far away from the foundation. They can also install underground drainage pipes to help drain and dump gutter runoff further away from the foundation.

  1. Repair or Install Footing Drains

A footing drain is an underground pipe that drains water away from a building’s foundation. A professional basement repair contractor will assist you by checking your footing drain to determine whether it needs to be unclogged, repaired, or replaced. If none has been installed, the technician will install it.wet-basements-michigan-basement-cracks&-leaks-2

  1. Sealing The Basement Walls

If the problem of wet basements is due to porous basement walls, a technician will fix it by sealing the walls. In addition to sealing any cracks on the basement’s walls, the technician will also apply other waterproofing measures like reshaping the landscape to help prevent water from coming into contact with the basement walls.

  1. Install A Sump Pump

A sump pump comes in handy if your basement is prone to flooding. A professional technician will help you install a sump pump to get rid of any water that gets into the basement.

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