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Basement Waterproofing


You are in good hands! We perform basement waterproofing in Southeast Michigan the right way, the first time, so you can stop worrying about your basement and do the things you enjoy! With our dedicated, hard working professional staff, we’ve been professionally waterproofing basements in Michigan since 1993.

Whether it’s an emergency or a long term persistent problem, contact us today to get a free estimate and be on your way to a safe, dry, worry-free basement. Call 800-639-1131 to get in touch with one of our representatives today.

The Warning Signs To Watch For:

  • Water at the top of the wall from the sill plate
  • Water through cracks, rod holes, window or beam pockets
  • Water at the wall/floor seam
  • Floor cracks
  • Water in the crawlspace
  • Walls bowed or moving
  • Walls sheering
  • Walls cracking
  • Walls pushing in
  • Walls sinking
  • Foundation sinking
  • Cracking in block or mortar joints
  • Drywall cracking
  • Windows and/or doors hard to open and shut

Solutions We Offer Include:

Interior Sub Soil Drain Tile Systems-
Just inside the foundation walls the concrete is hammered out and removed around the perimeter of the basement. Next a trench is dug into the ground and both washed stone and engineered pipe encased with a filtration sock are installed underneath the basement floor, then finally the concrete is re poured on top of the system and blended smooth into the original floor. The hidden drainage system carries water to a sump crock, where a sump pump exhausts the water outside. This system is reliable and easy to service and maintain. Unlike an exterior system that can be compromised by tree roots and other foreign debris.

Exterior Drain Tile Systems-
Exterior drain tile systems are a great solution when your basement has already been finished. It begins with exterior excavation either by hand or a mechanical excavator around the perimeter of your home down to your foundation footing. Next, a layer of washed stone is placed in the bottom of the newly dug trench. Schedule 30 pipe encased with filtration fabric, is then placed on top of the stone next to the footing in a uninterrupted loop around the foundation’s perimeter. An additional layer of washed stone is placed on top of the pipe and the trench is then back filled. This system will drain into a sump crock where it will be exhausted outside of the home by a sump pump.

Rubber Membrane Application-
Rubber membrane application is a form of exterior waterproofing that is utilized when an interior repair is not a good option. Our team will excavate the side of the home or business down to the existing footing clean and torch dry the wall, then a primer is applied and the 90 mm rubber membrane is applied followed by a layer of protective foam board to prevent damage from debris / back fill excavation. At this time an exterior drain tile may need to be added or replaced.

Sump Pump Installation-
Champion Pump features a high efficiency motor with upper and lower ball bearings so it will run cooler and last longer than your average pump. The vortex impeller helps to prevent clogging of the pump. Every Champion pump is tested in water to ensure the pump meets all of the standards and requirements for your home.

Battery Back-Up Installation-
Your primary sump pump can run on battery power you do not need to have a second pump. The battery charges automatically so you never have to worry. System automatically switches to battery power should you experience a power outage. AC line input is protected with a 10A slow blow fuse. System runs on AC or DC power.

If you have a waterproofing or foundation repair need, simply call our office at 517-552-9111

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