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Foundation Inspections

Our estimator will come to the home and visually inspect the foundation both from the interior and exterior. With over 35 years of management and field experience in the Waterproofing & Foundation repair industry he will draft a condition letter reviewing the condition of the homes foundation provided by opinion and personal experience only. Any more in-depth or technical information beyond what a visual inspection appears should be obtained through the services of a structural engineering firm of your choosing.

The Warning Signs To Watch For:

  • Water at the top of the wall from the sill plate
  • Water through cracks, rod holes, window or beam pockets
  • Water at the wall/floor seam
  • Floor cracks
  • Water in the crawlspace
  • Walls bowed or moving
  • Walls sheering
  • Walls cracking
  • Walls pushing in
  • Walls sinking
  • Foundation sinking
  • Cracking in block or mortar joints
  • Drywall cracking
  • Windows and/or doors hard to open and shut

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